Prove the effectiveness of Kimchi

Chef and co-owner John Lee uses scissors to cut kimchi tableside.

Chef and co-owner John Lee uses scissors to cut kimchi tableside.


    1. kimchi has the ability to lower cholesterollevels when eaten on a daily basis.

Garlic, one of the key ingredients in kimchi, is a great source of both allicin and selenium. Allicin is a well-known compound that can reduce cholesterol levels, which will help decrease chances of developing strokes and heart attacks. The selenium, another active compound in garlic, can help lower cholesterol levels by preventing cholesterol plaque from building up in your artery walls.

  1. The cabbage, which is the main ingredient in kimchi, will also help your body get rid of waste, and stabalize your bowel movements.


  1. The fermentation process to make kimchi also contributes to the delicious taste and creates a rich source of probiotics. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria your body needs to maintain a balanced state of bacteria in your colon.


  1. Lactobacillus in kimchi can help control your appetite by lowering blood sugar levels. The fiber content in kimchi may also help you feel less hungry so you are not as likely to over-eat during the day.


  1. Most of the ingredients used to make kimchi such as ginger, pepper, and garlic have all been known to support the immune system and are believed to have the ability to stop or shorten cold and flu symptoms.


  1. Eating kimchi regularly may also help reduce your chances of developing certain cancers, such as stomach cancer. It is the cabbage used to make kimchi that gives it powerful antioxidants and flavonoids known to help prevent cancer. Along with the antioxidants and flavonoids it possesses, cabbage is also a rich source of glucosinolates. Glucosinolates when digested convert into a compound known as isothiocyanate, which is an effective anti-cancer phytochemical found in many cruciferous vegetables.