Still looking for Valentine’s Day plans?

Still looking for Valentine’s Day plans? You’ve been curled up on the couch watching the Olympics in South Korea, so why not have a meal that makes it feel like you’re there. Make your Valentine’s Day plans at a Korean hibachi restaurant like where you can just focus on your boo’s eyes and getting that meat perfectly cooked! For more Valentine’s Day suggestions, click here

Honey Pig

Since 2007, Honey Pig has been serving great tasting Korean BBQ in Duluth. Being the first Korean barbeque restaurant in the area, it piqued the interest of many and as our popularity has risen customers now visit from all over Georgia, and as far away as Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida, swarmed. Unlike most Korean barbeque restaurants, Honey Pig utilizes the iron-cast lid (aka “Ssot-Dduk-Kung”) method of grilling. Shaped like an upside down wok with a cylindrical handle at the center, the lid is heated by a flame beneath and meats, Kimchi, and bean sprouts are grilled directly on top.


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The Original Honey Pig

As you know, Korean food is very trendy these days, and there is nothing more popular than all you can eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ. Gwinnett certainly has it’s fair share […]

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